Nikon MC-23A [Release]



A single-lens reflex camera of Nikon has 2 kinds of shape of the connector of an accessary, so when buying it, it's requiring care. There are two types of round 10-pin terminal and square accessory terminal. Both cables attach to GP-1, so it can be used with no problem, but the shape by which much is a connector is one kind, so when buying it, it's good for camera store's shop assistant to check it. MC-23A by connecting the camera with each other 10-pin terminals, when releasing one camera, also to release the other at the same time. When the length is not enough use the MC-21A. In the railway photographs, set the camera with wide-angle lens on a tripod, with a hand-held the other one camera which attached telephoto lens, and taking at the same time in the two cameras. Previously, I tried whether two cameras can be synchronous with the flash of 400 WS. The shutter speed of the two cameras are in 1/80 seconds, and the camera on tripod set manual focus, strobe light was synchro in both camera without problems. Because clip-on type flash short light emission time, a part of the tripod-side camera image is dark, it resulted that the need to slow down more shutter speed.

I bought a D500 with a 10 pin terminal at a later date, so when I tried one strobe with D 800 and D 500, it did not sync.


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