Nikon FE and MD-12 [Old camera]

1978年発売のNikon FEとMD-12。MD-12はモータードライブで、単三電池8本で駆動し、連写ができた。写真右上に写っているのが2ピンターミナルで、ここにNikon ML-1を接続し60m離れたところからリモコン撮影ができた。当時リモコン撮影というとエアレリーズを使うこともあった。エアレリーズは、ゴム球を押しつぶした時の空気圧をゴムチューブで伝えシャッターを切る道具。ゴムチューブは長さ10m、2本つなげて20mが良いところだった。

Sale in 1978 of the Nikon FE and MD-12. MD-12 was a motor drive and drove by 8 AA batteries, and could continuous shooting. It is a 2-pin terminal that has been taken to upper right photo. It was possible remote control shooting from a distance 60m connected here to the Nikon ML-1. It was also to use the air release at the time the remote control shooting. Air release is a release the shutter tool sends the air pressure to squashed the rubber bulb with a rubber tube. Rubber tube is the length of 10m, 20m was the longest by connecting two.
When a motor drive is used, 36 frames have finished taking a picture suddenly. Action wound up film by hand was making the rhythm of shooting. Also, because I had to focus in the manual, I have memory that I always good pictures can be taken when I use the motor drive, there was no such a thing.
I think a picture can be taken with this camera even now, but I don't have the chance easily.

Nikon FE and MD-12
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