Nikon F2 Photomic [Old camera]

Nikon F2 Photomicは1971年に発売された。1974年に購入したが、そのころはNikon Fと併売されており、購入時にどちらにするか迷ったものだ。この時一緒に買ったレンズは、Nikkor-N・C Auto 24mm F2.8とNikkor-P・C Auto 105mm F2.5である。今手元にあるのは105mmでこれは今でも時々使っている。
Nikon FEとNikon F2をケースなしで同じ肩にかけて歩いていたが壊れることはなかった。椅子に座って酒を飲んでいるとき、肩にかけていたF2を床に落としたことがあり、その時は、巻き上げレバーが回らなくなり、修理に出した。Nikon FEと同様、今でも動くが長い間F2で写真を撮っていない。

Nikon F2 Photomic was released in 1971. It has been bought in 1974, that time Nikon F also are sold, I did not decide immediately whether to bought either. At this time, the lens I bought together is a Nikkor-N C Auto 24mm F2.8 and Nikkor-P C Auto 105mm F2.5. I have a 105mm even now, are using occasionally.
I was using it to replace the finder screen to the P-type. P type has a diagonal split prism of the center in diameter 3mm, there is a micro prism of 1mm width ring-shaped around it, and there is a line of cross-hairs and the diameter 12mm in matte surface. Since the diagonal split could focus without tilting the camera in horizontal lines and vertical lines.
I slung Nikon FE and Nikon F2 on the same shoulder and was walking without cases, but it didn't break. When I was drinking alcohol sitting on a chair, and dropped the F2 which has slung on my shoulder on the floor. At that time, no longer rotate the winding lever, I put the camera to the repair. F2 as well as FE, although work still, I does not take photos for a long time.

Nikon F2 Photomic

P-type finder screen

Photomic finder
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