Fujin-D [Camera Accessories]


Fujin-D is a lens type cleaner for camera was released from ipp company to July 3, 2015. Oorder from a site of ipp company 20 until July 20, five exchange filter and porch come with in bonus. For Canonn was released in August 2014, but the long-awaited for Nikon it was released this time.
When the dust is attached to the sensor, dust will reflected in the photograph. Although dust is removed by the camera sensor cleaning function, if it is not able to remove it was blown off with a blower with mirror up. If so it is not possible to remove dust, I have cleaned the camera fee Nikon service center in Ginza. If so it is not possible to remove even if, I have cleaned the camera fee Nikon service center in Ginza. So far, three times in the five and a half years from buying the D700, 2 times in two years from buying the D800, I was cleaning the camera at the service center.
Fujin is also discharged to the outside dust in the mirror box not only the sensor surface by the clean air passing through the filter which also block PM2.5 and effective airflow by the fin.