可変NDフィルター Variable Neutral Density Filter [Filter]


Because I want to shoot a night scene for a long time exposure, I purchased a variable neutral density filter. The principle is to adjust the permeability of light by changing the crossing angle of the two polarizing filters. Japanese-made filters are expensive, because it is not worth the frequency of use, I bought an inexpensive Chinese-made. Darkness that can be adjusted's 2 to 400 times, but do not know the exact permeability. Brighten most of the filter, and adjust the focus, then rotate up to the prescribed at the time of shooting, but there is no easy identification memory on this product. In dark places, it is necessary to illuminate the filter in such a flashlight of mobile phone.

Variable Neutral Density Filter

Eitai Bridge. 30 seconds exposure. Behind the scenes I was shooting, two foreigner were drinking wine. Houseboat leave 30 seconds trail.

Nihonbashi Kitazume intersection. 30 seconds exposure. Figure of person it would disappear or semi-transparent.