Ai Micro-Nikkor 55mm F2.8S & PK-13 [Old lens]

Ai Micro-Nikkor 55mm F2.8Sは1981年12月発売。センサー面から25㎝まで近づいて倍率1/2倍で撮影できる。AI オート接写リング PK-13を使うと22.5cmの接写で等倍の撮影ができる。当時は定価38,000円で売られていたが、今でも税抜54,000円で新品が売られている。以前D700で撮っていた時にはわからなかったが、D800Eに付けて撮ってみたところ3600万画素でも問題なく使えるレンズであることが分かった。

Ai Micro-Nikkor 55mm F2.8S was released in December 1981. It can be taken at 1/2 times magnification approaching from the sensor surface to 25 cm. With Ai auto close-up ring PK-13, it is possible 1 times the shot in close-up at 22.5cm. At that time it had been sold at 38,000 yen price, new has been sold at 54,000 yen even now. Previously, when it was taken with D700 of 12 million pixel I did not notice, but when it was taken with the D800E of 36 million pixels, I found that this lens can be used without any problem.



Ai Micro-Nikkor 55mm F2.8S & PK-13 with PK-131d48b4.jpg

Photographs were taken with the D700




Photographs were taken with the D800E



Step-up ring [Lens Accessories]

現在所有しているレンズのフィルター径は、52mm、62mm、67mm、72mm、77mmで、持っている偏光フィルターの径は、62mm、72mm、77mmなので、小さい径のレンズに大きいフィルターが使えるようにステップアップリングを用意している。先日AF-S Nikkor 50mm f1.8Gを買ったのだが、フィルター径が58mmで、このために偏光フィルターを買うよりも58mm→62mmのステップアップリングを新たに購入した。偏光フィルター用のフードHN-26を付けてみたがケラレなく使えそうである。

Filter diameter of the current lens I have owned are 52 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm, 72 mm and 77 mm. Then, the diameter of the polarizing filter that I have are 62 mm, 72 mm and 77 mm, and has prepared a step-up ring so use a large filter to the lens of small diameter. I had bought a AF-S Nikkor 50mm f1.8G the other day, but with a filter diameter of 58 mm, was purchased new step-up ring 58 mm to 62 mm than buying a polarizing filter for this. Although it is probably used without vignetting put a polarizing filter hood HN-26 on it.

Step-up lings

AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G + Step-up ling 58 mm to 62 mm + Circular Polar 62 mm + HN-26

Self-timer [Release]


Self-timer to be used by attaching to the screw of the shutter button. Press down on the lock lever that look to the left, turn the timer lever with a red mark of the front in the clockwise direction, and return the lock lever, the shutter is turned off in about 12 seconds. Now when taking a group photo, there was a one person that always strange.


Air release [Release]


Air release is composed of a rubber ball and the plunger, pressing the rubber ball can release the shutter of the camera pneumatically. Extension tube of about 5m is included.And it can be extended to add a tube 10m, it was used without problem. Recently, remote control function and the interval timers have been incorporated in the camera, the opportunity to use air release was almost disappeared.

Air release

In the old days of the camera, there is a groove of the screw to the shutter button, attach the plunger here.

If there is not groove of the screw to the shutter button, it fixed with a belt.

EPSON SC-PX3V [Printer]


Before starting to prepare for solo exhibition in the summer 2014, the photo it was considered sufficient in electronic appreciation. However, I know that can express a rich tone that can not be represented in the LCD monitor paper, especially in handsheets Japanese paper. And I was finally purchased a pigment ink printer SC-PX3V. SC-PX3V is a printer of 9-color pigment ink, there is a water-resistant, able to print up to 17 × 24 inches.


Nikon AR-1 and Nikon AS-1 [Release]

ソフトシャッターレリーズAR-1は、Nikon F2のシャッターボタンにかぶせるようにねじ込んで使用する。シャッターボタンの指当りが良くなる。
Soft shutter release AR-1 is used to be screwed to cover the shutter button of Nikon F2. Press condition of the finger to the shutter button is improved.




Flash Unit Coupler AS-1 is mounted in a groove at the base of the rewinding lever, it is used to attach the strobe clip-on type.



フォトミックイルミネーターDL-1 も持っていたが、なくしてしまった。Nikon F2のフォトミックファインダーに取り付け、暗いところでも内蔵露出計の針が見えるようにする。コンサートの撮影でよく利用した。
I had a Photomic Illuminator DL-1, but I've lost. Is attached to the top of the Photomic finder of Nikon F2, to appear the needle of the built-in exposure meter even in the dark. It was often used in the shooting of the concert.