Adapter ring Nikon BR-2 [Lens Accessories]

Nikon BR-2はアタッチメントの径が52mmのレンズをカメラに逆付けするためのリングである。初期のモデルにはNikon F JAPANの刻印があるが、これにはFの文字がなくNikon JAPANになっている。今では、BR-2Aというモデルになって販売されている。等倍以上のマクロ撮影方法の一つに広角レンズを逆付する方法がある。

Nikon BR-2 is a ring for attaching to reverse the lens of attachment diameter of 52mm to the camera. Although the initial model there is a mark of Nikon F JAPAN, this does not have the character of F is a mark of Nikon JAPAN. Now, a model called BR-2A have been sold. The equal or more times the macro photography, there is a method to reverse with a wide-angle lens to the camera.

Nikon BR-2

Nikon BR-2をレンズに付けたところ。レンズ前面もFマウントになった。
Being attached a Nikon BR-2 on the lens. Lens front also became the F-mount.

Nikon BR-2で、レンズをべローズユニットの先端に付けたところ。
Using the Nikon BR-2, a lens mounted on the front of the bellows unit.

D800E + PK-13 + PK-12 + PK-11 + Nikon Bellows Focusing Attachment Model II + BR2 + Ai Nikkor 20mm F3.5で撮影した径1mmのビス。センサー面で16倍に拡大されている。
Bis diameter 1mm has been taken with D800E + PK-13 + PK-12 + PK-11 + Nikon Bellows Focusing Attachment Model II + BR2 + Ai Nikkor 20mm F3.5. Bis is magnified 16 times on the sensor surface.

Nikon Bellows Focusing Attachment Model II [Camera Accessories]

Nikon Bellows Focusing Attachment Model IIの発売時期は、いろいろと調べたがわからず、Nikon Fの発売が1959年3月、べローズユニットに添付されている取扱い説明書が1967年11月であることから、この間であったと推測される。Model IIとなっているがModel IはNikon SP用であったから、Fマウント用としてはこれが初代になる。


It was searched the release date of Nikon Bellows Focusing Attachment Model II but I did not know. Nikon F release date in March 1959 of, and the instruction manual date is in November 1967, the release date of the bellows unit is estimated between March 1959 and November 1967. But has become a Model II, Model I is for Nikon SP, this is a first generation as for F-mount.
The bellows unit is one that is produced in at least 48 years ago, there is no after repair the bellows, no scratches. That the previous owner was pretty carefully handling and storage are suggesting.
It was possible to attach the bellows unit via the PK-11 to a digital single-lens reflex camera.

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Reduced the bellows

Stretched bellows

前面にあるFのプレート。NIPPON KOGAKU TOKYOと書かれている。
Plate of F on the front. It is written with the NIPPON KOGAKU TOKYO.

In the digital single-lens reflex camera, and not be installed directly for rail of bellows unit to the portion of the grip from interfering. So, it is necessary to take a close-up ring there is a PK-11 or more of the thickness between the camera and bellows unit.

Close-up ring PK-11.

Screw of 1 mm diameter.
Nikon D800E + PK-11 + Nikon Bellows Focusing Attachment Model II

Portulaca and small ants.
Nikon D800E + Nikon Bellows Focusing Attachment Model II + Ai Micro-Nikkor 55mm F2.8S