5 inch HDMI mobile monitor [Other]


ZOOM Q2n-4Kはモニター画面が小さいので、撮影範囲を確認しやすくするために購入した。
バッテリーはSONYのNP- F970が使え、12VのACアダプターも使える。

The monitor screen of the ZOOM Q2n-4K is small, so I purchased it to make it easy to check the shooting range.
The battery can use SONY's NP-F970, and can also use a 12V AC adapter.
The HDMI terminal has an input and an output.
It could also be used with Nikon digital SLR cameras.


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Nikkor Tumbler 24-70 [Other]

AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm F2.8G EDモデルのほかにAF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm F2.8G EDモデルもある。
レンズの箱と同じような金色の箱に入っていて、ソフトケース、ニコンのカメラアクセサリーと同じような書式のマニュアルが付いている。宅配便の伝票には、「デジタルカメラ機器 取り扱い注意!!」とまで印刷されている。レンズフードを取り付けることもできる。

Nikkor Tumbler 24 - 70. I bought it in Nikon Direct in 2014. It seems that it is not sold now.
In addition to the AF - S NIKKOR 24 - 70 mm F 2.8 G ED model, there was also an AF - S Micro Nikkor 60 mm F 2.8 G ED model.
It was in a golden box similar to a real lens box, with a soft case, a manual with a format similar to Nikon 's camera accessories. "Attention of handling digital camera equipment !!" was printed on the delivery slip. It is also possible to attach a lens hood.
The photo shows the tumbler on the left and the real lens on the right.



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11 inches Magic Arm & Super clamp set [Other]

11インチ マジックアーム&スーパークランプセット。メーカー不明。型番不明。送料込みで2000円しない安さである。荷重を考えて使用すると、機材がしっかりと固定できる。

11 inches Magic Arm & super clamp set. Manufacturer unknown. Model number unknown. Is a low-cost of less than 2000 yen including shipping. When used in consideration of the loading, equipment is firmly be fixed.
And tighten the screw in the center, three joints are fixed.
It was purchased in order to attach an external monitor of the camera.


Attaching a clamp to the tripod center pole, when the camera pans, monitor do not move together with the camera. Attaching to the tripod head pan bar, the monitor is easy to see.