5 inch HDMI mobile monitor [Other]


ZOOM Q2n-4Kはモニター画面が小さいので、撮影範囲を確認しやすくするために購入した。
バッテリーはSONYのNP- F970が使え、12VのACアダプターも使える。

The monitor screen of the ZOOM Q2n-4K is small, so I purchased it to make it easy to check the shooting range.
The battery can use SONY's NP-F970, and can also use a 12V AC adapter.
The HDMI terminal has an input and an output.
It could also be used with Nikon digital SLR cameras.


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NEEWER LED Ring Light LR-18" LED [Lighting]

以前買ったLED ring light Ring 48 は、レンズの前に取り付けて使うタイプのものだが、これは、カメラの前に置いて使うもの。外径が18インチある。スタンドとACアダプター、本体の専用ケースなどが付属している。小物や人物に無影撮影に使う。明るさは4600LMくらいあり、調光できる。

The previously bought LED ring light Ring 48, which is used in front of the lens, is used in front of the camera. The outer diameter is 18 inches. A stand, an AC adapter and a special case for the main unit are included. Used for shadow shooting for small items and people. The brightness is about 4600 LM and can be adjusted.



NEEWER LED Ring Light LR-18" LED

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YONGUNO LED Light YN-600L [Lighting]

以前買ったYONGNUO LED Light YN-160に比べ3.6倍くらい明るい。
バッテリーはSONYのNP- F970などが2個使える。

This light has 600 LEDs and is 36W, 4680LM dimmable specifications.
It is 3.6 times brighter than YONGNUO LED Light YN-160 I bought before.
AC adapter is also included.
As for the battery, two NP-F970 etc. of SONY can be used.


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ZOOM Q2n-4K [Camera]

ZOOM Q2n-4K Handy Video Recorder


A sound-quality 4K camera designed for musicians
A fisheye lens with an angle of view of 150 ° can be set to five levels up to about half the angle of view.
Size to ride on the palm.
With this camera, you can shoot video with high dynamic range (HDR) at 4K.

Q2n-4K and battery case (BCQ-2n)
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Camera mounting screw for quick release plate [Tripod]


A screw for mounting the camera to the quick release plate of the camera platform of the tripod.


Left: Gitzo
Easily mounted in a with a large ring. What was attached to the quick release plate. You should be able to purchase even a single item, but I have not found it on the mail order site I use.
Medium: Neewer
It has a clean finish ring, but the ring is too small to tighten. Can be purchased at Amazon.
Right: Benro
There is no ring. Tools are needed to tighten. It was attached to the pan head. Two pieces of 1/4-inch screws and one 3/8-inch screw were attached to the quick release plate of the cine head.


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HUAWEI P20 Pro HW-01K Video specification [Smartphone]

HUAWEI P20 Pro HW-01Kの動画機能に関する記載が見当たらない。
ビデオサイズは以下の通りで、録画時間はUHD 4Kで10分まで、他は制限がないようである。
手ブレ補正は、UHD 4K以外で設定できる。

I can not find a description about the video function of HUAWEI P20 Pro HW - 01K.
The video size is as follows, the recording time seems to be up to 10 minutes at UHD 4K, others are not restricted.
Camera shake correction can be set except for UHD 4K.

UHD 4K 3840 x 2160
FHD+ 1080p 2160 x 1080 (18 : 9)
FHD 1080p 1920 x 1080 (60 fps)
FHD 1080p 1920 x 1080
HD 720p 1280 x 720

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GITZO D01.110. Rever 1/4 3/8 Screw [Tripod]

ジッツオ D01.110 /雲台接続ネジGIJ兼用‎

GITZO D01.110. Rever 1/4 3/8 Screw
Screw connecting the tripod and head. It is 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch screw so you can use either type without an adapter. The picture is in front of the picture. Nuts are attached to what I bought.
Parts of Gitzo are stocked in large camera shops, but those not there can be purchased at

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HUAWEI P20 Pro HW-01K Leica triple camera [Smartphone]

HUAWEI P20 Pro HW-01K Leica triple camera
Release on 15th June, 2018

Center: main camera
40 MP, 27 mm f1.8, 1/1.7", Optical image stabilizer, Laser phase difference auto focus.

Left: black and white camera
20 MP, 27 mm, f/1.6, 1/2.7", Optical image stabilizer, Laser phase difference auto focus.

Right: telephoto camera
8 MP, 80 mm, f/2.4, 1/4", 3x optical zoom, Optical image stabilizer, Laser phase difference auto focus.


10 MP, Night scene mode, hand-held shooting, 4 mm, f 1.8, 4 sec
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Kenko PRO 1 D PRO SOFTON A (W) [Filter]

ケンコーのフィルター Kenko PRO 1 D PRO SOFTON A (W)。メーカーのホームページによれば、弱いソフト効果が得られ、天体写真にも使えるとある。星がにじんで大きく写る。買ったばかりで、まだ使っていない。フィルターの表面には不規則な模様が見られる。

Kenko filter PRO 1 D PRO SOFTON A (W). According to the manufacturer's website, weak soft effects are obtained, and it can be used for celestial photography. The light of the star gets blurred and looks big. I just bought it, I have not used it yet. Irregular patterns are seen on the surface of the filter.



Bleeding of light into the dark area can be seen.
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Nikkor Tumbler 24-70 [Other]

AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm F2.8G EDモデルのほかにAF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm F2.8G EDモデルもある。
レンズの箱と同じような金色の箱に入っていて、ソフトケース、ニコンのカメラアクセサリーと同じような書式のマニュアルが付いている。宅配便の伝票には、「デジタルカメラ機器 取り扱い注意!!」とまで印刷されている。レンズフードを取り付けることもできる。

Nikkor Tumbler 24 - 70. I bought it in Nikon Direct in 2014. It seems that it is not sold now.
In addition to the AF - S NIKKOR 24 - 70 mm F 2.8 G ED model, there was also an AF - S Micro Nikkor 60 mm F 2.8 G ED model.
It was in a golden box similar to a real lens box, with a soft case, a manual with a format similar to Nikon 's camera accessories. "Attention of handling digital camera equipment !!" was printed on the delivery slip. It is also possible to attach a lens hood.
The photo shows the tumbler on the left and the real lens on the right.



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