星の比較明合成 Comparison synthesized light of the stars [Composite photograph]




I created the video and photo remains of the star trails.
The original photos were taken 300 shots were exposed 5 seconds at 6-second intervals for 30 minutes. Although tried even Jpeg, photos taken in RAW (NEF in Nikon) are wide dynamic range, color temperature can be changed and the finish was beautiful, then I was shot in RAW.
Software used was the following two. Both free software.

SiriusComp: Videos also can be created at the same time, there is a limitation of the memory, it is necessary to reduce the image resizing. This time, I used to movie making.

KikuchiMagick: it can not only still images in this software, and can use a large image data. I used a photo that was converted to Jpeg without resize the original picture. I outputs a composite result in Tiff, I made the image of Jpeg by resizing it.

動画 Video(youtube)

写真 Photo